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At Kase Printing, our team of professionals will work with you to produce a medical device IFU manual that meets your specific product need or packaging challenge.


  • We make your satisfaction our top priority and we achieve this through our dedication to providing you with personalized customer service.

  • We will work closely with your design team on your IFU print specifications in order to ensure that you are getting the greatest return on your print purchasing dollar.

  • We will work closely with your supply chain team on your materials requirement planning strategy in order to reduce inventory carrying expenses and avoid obsolescence costs.


We invite you to partner with us today and allow us the opportunity to help you achieve your business goals.

Committed to Quality

We are committed to quality every step of the way for each and every project. Each time we produce your medical device IFU manuals, we maintain full documentation of your printed materials. A dedicated quality assurance team reviews the first article of each production run, and every sequential step is scrutinized under quality control checkpoints. We stand behind our printed product 100%.

Whether a medical device IFU manual is a single sheet, a folded sheet or is in a booklet format, by the time a consumer sees the manual they simply need to be informed. Since the goal of the medical device IFU manual is not promotional, a no-frills, high-quality print production is all that is necessary. We understand this and can print medical device IFU manuals in just about any size or quantity.

Offset Printing

Our goal is to give you the very best possible quality product available in the market today. We achieve this result by utilizing our G7 Certified color management process in conjunction with our recently acquired and fully automated 4- and 5-color Heidelberg XL 105 presses.  To go a step further and be supremely efficient as well as environmentally friendly, we recycle all of the waste materials that are produced throughout the production process and we use vegetable-based inks.


Every year, pharmaceutical companies and medical device (biotech) manufacturers are required to include more and more information—that also fits the packaging of the final product—in a readable format. Our state-of-the-art folders can handle the job of producing the print product that fits your specific packaging and informational needs. With the game-changing, new-to-market intelligent automation technology we can offer you, the multi-panel folding configurations that can be achieved are virtually limitless. This includes the flexibility of folding a single printed sheet as large as 27" x 39" as many as 16 times in a single pass to produce a final folded product as small as 2.5" x 2.5".

Whether your print project requires the consistent, precise folding specifications of a 39-panel, multi-language IFU leaflet, or the critical alignment of a multi-page spread cross-over image in a bound publication, you can rely on the repeatable accuracy and top-notch fold quality that is produced by this unique, next-generation folding system. And never before has the capability been available whereby when you order reprints of your print project, every single machine setting that was established in folding the prior run has been stored in system memory for recall by the operator. This repeatable accuracy in the folding process serves to further ensure that your exacting quality standards are being met on each and every order.

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